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How to Write a GREAT First Book | LIVE Seminar in ATL Feb. 24 | 10am-4pm

In this Saturday seminar, you’ll learn in detail how to find your “pilot light,” how to use The Economy of Expression in your writing, the difference between chronological vs. event-based writing, secrets to writing a great opening line, how to leverage emotional misdirection in your writing and how to write long, short and children’s books effectively. Additionally, you’ll receive live editing of your writing, a one-on-one consultation with Dennis and expert graphic designers to discuss proper book layout. Hiring a professional ghostwriter can cost over $100K easily. In this one day, intense gathering for writers, you’ll learn everything you need to know to put you on the path for successful writing for just $349 between now and Jan. 25. Afterwards, the seminar price goes to $449. If interested in reserving your space, please message us. We only have space for 50 serious writers. Please note: you will be asked to submit a one-page sample writing piece for us to gauge your writing potential. Thanks and good luck!

Award-winning ghostwriter Dennis Ross and The ADS Agency's Andrea D. Smith are proud to bring you this one of a kind seminar live and in person.